Monday, October 17, 2011

Frozen Treasure, A Robert Sable Mystery, Out June 2013

When Montezuma saw the Spanish coming, he sent an army of warriors with most his treasure north to the home of their ancestors (Alaska).  An archeology professor, Edward Stone, and a friend stumble onto Aztec tablets in the Alasakan wilderness that have the potential to lead to a vast treasure.  The men pay for it with their lives.  Sable and his team are assigned the case, which becomes dangerous immediately. 

The meager clues consist of cocoa drops consisting special spices, Capsaicin powder used in the tortures and murders, and Aztec tablets and Don Salvador Fidalgo’s personal log.  At first Sable scoffs at the tablets believe then to be fakes, but testing of the patina show they are of Alaskan origin and Carbon-14 tests validate their age. So Sable gets a retired professor and long time friend to translate the codices.  They tell of the warrior’s journey, but the story is incomplete.  A tablet or several tablets are missing.  This means Sable and his team may have to find the remaining tablets and mythical treasure to catch the criminals. As he follows the clues, Sable finds corrupt members of the Mexican and Spanish governments are behind the plot and  who will use any method to get to the treaure first, killing anyone in their path. Sable and his team must bend the law by using extraordinary measures to stop the killers.