Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stalker, A Robert Sable Mystery, May 2012

             More dangerous than Theodore Bundy, Gary Ridgeway or Robert Hansen, a serial killer calling himself Anubis stalks the cities and highways of Alaska. This killer leaves no fingerprints, fibers or DNA.  But at each crime scene, Anubis leaves his signature, a silver-backed jackal hair.  He hides behind stolen identities and dumps his kills in the wilderness to become carrion for wild animals.  Any trace of the body disappears within days.  But now, Anubis has made a mistake.  He kidnapped and murdered a Seattle police detective.  At the behest of the Seattle police, Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable and his team are brought in to find the missing detective, Sergeant Janet Darnel. 
            Sable discovers several young women, vacationing alone, have disappeared from motels across the state.   When whitewater rafters running the Matanuska River find the nude body of Darnel, Sable and his team get their first real break in the case.  It seems Anubis follows the women from Ted Stevens International Airport to their motels, studies their routines, then kidnaps, hunts and kills them.


  1. Sounds like a great story! I'll have to check it out.

    Jennifer Wilck

  2. I love reading stories about Alaska. I've visited several times as my sister lives in Anchorage.

  3. That's a great set up - and it reads well. Have you considered adding something like 'But why?' at the end? Seems to me it might be good to have a final little hook - an unanswered question to pull people in right there at the end of the write up and make them wonder about the murderer's motives.

    1. I know this is late....Been pretty much on twitter and facebook...also been pusing my books in numerous ways....